There seems to be a lot of inventory companies who use mainly photographs with very basic information regarding the condition of an item compiled from a standard worded template rather than a freeform inventory which best describes the item in more realistic terms.

Photographs are brilliant in backing up a damage issue but a good report needs to be mixed with the right balance of detail and of course the size of the photograph is important. It is also of no use if only the basic details of an item is shown on the inventory/check in report but a detailed photograph shown at check out. In the case of a dispute there is little to make a comparison on.

Some landlords and agents have different requirements and needs so whilst we have a standard way of reporting and working we are happy to adapt our approach to facilitate their processes. However if we feel that these would not be in the best interests of the landlord or tenant in the case of a dispute we will advise the landlord or their agent accordingly.

What should be in an Inventory?

An inventory is a detailed report on the both the condition and cleanliness of the property and it’s contents.
We include all furniture, fixtures and fitting and detail any areas of damage, wear and tear so that a full “picture” of the property is shown. Digital photographs are also taken at the same time the inventory is prepared.

However we believe, in line with most professional inventory companies, that photographs are useful to support the report but are no substitute for an accurate and property detailed inventory. We provide photographs that have meaning and that are a reasonable size.

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We also carry out Probate & Legal Dispute Inventories

Check-in Reports

We meet the tenant at the property and compare the condition as stated on the inventory is still correct as sometimes there is a lapse between the inventory being completed and a tenant moving into a property.

Sometimes work may also have been carried out since the inventory has been completed so it is important to ensure that the condition and cleanliness are still correctly reflected and any amendments/ additions noted. We obtain the tenant(s) signature and take a note of all the utility meter readings as well as oil/ water readings and keys listed and handed over to the tenant.

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Check-out Reports

At the end of the tenancy, the inventory clerk will compare the condition of the property with that at the start of the tenancy. Notes will be made of any changes in condition, including recording any damage to the property and cleanliness. Key supplied by the tenant will also be checked against the inventory. Utility meter readings and digital photographs are also taken at the same time. We have made a professional decision not to advise on the financial compensation or responsibility of tenants/landlords as we feel that would be outside the scope of our remit. By providing comprehensive reports the responsibility of the parties will be clear and the landlord should have all the evidence available to support their own claim.

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We provide comprehensive inventories, check in and check out reports upon which all parties can rely.